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Sprint Series 411

What’s with all of the bloody acronyms on this website?

Well, each sprint car series in Florida has their own acronym, so here is your handy dandy guide.

CFSS - The Checkered Flag Sprint Series. Wingless 360s, the CFSS is run by former TBARA head honcho Don Rehm, that is currently in a holding pattern for 2011, with no races scheduled. Not racing in 2012.

CFWS - The Central Florida Wingless Sprints, possibly USAC sanctioned. Pavement sprint car racing known for generally having some TBARA drivers come out and challenge the CFWS regulars. Good hard racing, but 2011 is questionable as they too have no races scheduled. Not racing in 2012.

CJSA – The Cajun Sprinters Association. They do sporadically invade Florida, mainly at Southern Raceway in Milton.

EBSS - East Bay Sprint Series. The Clay by The Bay, an icon in the state of Florida. Generally running monthly shows, though the features could use some extra laps.

FMARA – The Florida Midget Auto Racing Association. If you like TQ Midget racing, this is the only game in town. We wish this series could attract some more drivers and venture out more from Punta Gorda – just about the only place they race. The likes of Gary Gimmler and Wendy Mathis are series graduates and even recently returned for some good racing. Racing legend Jack Duffy can be found running here.

FMSA - The Florida Mini Sprint Association. The ONLY place you can catch our Editor at Speed – “The Hot Foot” Brian Penrose racing. Do you really need any other reason to go? Don’t let the name throw you – mini racing is big. Hell, it’s huge in the northeastern part of this country. Good car counts and good hard racing are the hallmark of the FMSA.

FSCA - The Florida Sprint Car Association. Guess what? 360s here too. In 2009 they were found at Putnam County Speedway, in 2010…Georgia! Now their schedule is the same as VSS! Not sure if FSCA is still functioning for 2011. Not racing in 2012.

IPSCA – The Independent Pavement Sprint Car Association. This is a start-up group of racers trying to pick up the pieces of wingless pavement sprint car racing and make a go of it. Not racing in 2012.

SSLS - Southern States Lightning Sprints. The concept here is pretty simple – mini sprints without wings. They pretty much compete at The Bullring at Ocala and car counts have increased throughout this, their first year.

TBARA - The Tampa Bay Area Racing Association. Winged 360s, the TBARA always has a good car count and the racing is world class. If you are a speed freak and you haven’t seen them, you are truly missing out. 

TGSS - The Top Gun Sprint Car Series. 360 sprint car racing touring series on dirt. Launched to much fanfare, this series is now running both winged and non-winged shows, which we love to no end. And our very own Factory Driver Flyin’ Ryan Partin was the 2009 champ!

VSS - The Volusia Speedway Park Sprints. Ken Sands has taken over control of VSP and has set up monthly sprint car shows. That sound you hear in the background is us rejoicing. Not racing in 2012.